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Is a PhD in an Arts subject as valid as Science?

Feeling like a scientist in the lab of thoughts, I've been conducting a little experiment on the comparison of a PhD in Arts with a PhD in Science. And the results are in - they're both equally complex, fascinating, and valid! It's like asking if a banana is any less of a fruit than an apple - they're different, sure, but they're both fruits! So, whether you're Picasso-ing your way through a dissertation or brewing a scientific potion in a lab, remember, your PhD is absolutely valid. Now, let's raise our beakers and paintbrushes in a toast to the marvels of both Arts and Science!

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What is your #1 way to get business as a new real estate agent?

As a new real estate agent, my number one method for getting business is networking. I believe that building strong relationships with people in the community is crucial for success in this industry. I make sure to attend as many local events as possible, and I always have my business cards on hand. Additionally, I use social media to connect with potential clients and to showcase my latest listings. This approach allows me to reach a wider audience and to establish myself as a dedicated and accessible agent.

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How to tell a good Italian restaurant before trying their food?

Identifying a good Italian restaurant before even tasting their food can be quite the task. However, a few handy tips can help guide you: look for a menu that's in Italian, which often indicates authenticity; inspect the restaurant's decor and ambiance to ensure it feels genuinely Italian; and observe if they use fresh, local produce. Also, check if the wine list offers a good selection of Italian wines. Lastly, the presence of Italians among the customers is often a good sign of the quality and authenticity of the food.

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