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Never Trust A Doctor Who's Plants Have Died

2014.05.09 14:52

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But we can judge a doctor on that which we do understand. We understand what organized and clean looks like. We understand what friendly appears and seems like. We understand what waiting overly long feels like. And with previous encounters we can judge how our doctor visit stacks up to these encounters. And based on the complete experience we shall decide whether to come back or maybe not, and conditioned upon the encounter, will either send our friends or tell the planet to avoid with an on line terrible review. Is that sensible? Of course not, but as management consultant Tom Peters states,

"Customers perceive service inside their own distinctive, idiosyncratic, mental, irrational, ending-of-the-day, and utterly human terms. Perception is all there is!"

While a basic manager at a spa hotel up north in Mi, I served as an adjunct instructor for many years teaching customer support in the local community college. To their credit (pardon the pun), the college made my customer service class a pre-requisite for the medical administration paths and office administration. They realized that it is not everything you understand; it is how you say it. By the end of the semester, a study was provided to the pupils on how I did. Was I on time for course? Did I protect the objectives defined in the syllabus? Was I available after hours? Most of the survey questions were focused on the educator. I surveyed the pupils on their school expertise, within the course session discussing customer responses. My issue was, "If there was anything you could improve in your schooling experience, what would that be? Very few responses were particular as to the the administration thought was the school experience. What does the parking lot have to do with higher education? Logically, nothing. But to the feminine student who's taking night classes, everything. A burned out light in the lamp post as an unsafe parking lot is perceived by her. What does the public convenience have to do together with the education offered? Nothing. However, as a female pupil wrote in her survey, "During the winter, the restrooms are so cold, I cannot even think after planning there."

Several months ago, I had a need to see a dentist. When I requested a buddy for a referral, she gave me the title of her dentist. I inquired why she believed the dental practitioner was so good. And, as an afterthought, she said the dentist was pleasant, too. The most important areas of her dental encounter were the touch points that removed the waiting time and angst of the perception of going to the dentist for initially.

So don't be overly focused on only your expertise. Your customers have no solution to judge you on what you know. However they can rank you on one other touch points that they have experienced before. Take some time to look at your entire customer experience. Identify most of the possible dissatisfiers and take them off. Subsequently replace them with something favorable.

What potential banana trees dissatisfiers in your customer experience are you really leaving unattended?

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